Flyboard Plastic Bearing

SKU: FB04C41
Flyboard Plastic Bearing
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  • Bearing is originally sold as SKU# FB03C14 in packs of 520, but is sold in a pack of 39 as SKU# FB04C41.

    The Kit consists of the following parts: -

    FB02267 - 39 x Plastic Bearing

    The bearings are exclusively deisgned for the Flyboard only and are compatible with all Flyboard models.  


    To keep new bearings in place use Toothpaste, bearings stick to plastic quite easily and the paste is washed away immediately after first use.


    Hose Bearing - 39 units 
    Flyboard V1 - (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
    Flyboard V2 - (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
    Flyboard V3 - (27+27) x 2 = 108 units
    Flyboard V4 - (31+30) x 2 = 122 units  - FB04C16


    Flyboard V1 - Page 11/12
    Flyboard V2 - Page 24
    Flyboard V3 - Page 17
    Flyboard V4 - Page 46

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This product was added to our catalog on 27 June 2014

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