Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can buy a Flyboard from?

You can buy a Flyboard from our website Alternatively call (+356) 99471644 where a member of our team will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you to the best setup that suits your requirement.

What warranty do I get with the Flyboard?

For non commercial use, there is a twelve months warranty. For commercial use and rentals, there is a six months warranty.

Does the Flyboard fit onto most Jet Skis or PWC's?

The Flyboard fits onto most Jet Ski's, an adapter will be required for Sea Doo 2010/2011, Sea Doo 2010/2012, Yamaha and Kawasaki 2001 and Ultra 250/300. Just tell us what Jet Ski you have and we will send you the correct adapter. For those not listed we can have one off adapters made.

Will the Flyboard boots fit most people?

Yes, the Flyboard boots adjusts size to fit Men Sizes 7 to 13. Larger size boots are available on request. Neoprene socks can be used for smaller size feet.

Do you need more than one person to operate the Flyboard?

With the basic version you will need someone on the Jet Ski to provide power to the Flyboard. If you buy the advanced version with the Electronic Management Control Kit , you will be able to operate the Flyboard by yourself, however we strongly advise having someone sitting on the Jet Ski at all times for safety reasons.

How long does it take to attach and detach the Flyboard to the Jet Ski?

Around five to ten minutes once you have done it a few times.

How fast can the FlyBoard travel above the water?

It is stated that you can fly up to 30Km per hour, however we believe 20Km per hour is more realistic.

How long does it take to learn to use the Flyboard?

From twenty minutes to about an hour, once you have found your balance. Then you will be able to take off from the water and enjoy your Flyboard for hours. You can start to learn tricks and dive in and out of the water just like a Dolphin.

What is the minimum horse power the Jet Ski needs to operate the Flyboard?

It is stated that the minimum required is 100 Hp, however if you are yet to purchase a Jet Ski, purchase atleast a 215 Hp.

How high can you fly?

You can fly anywhere between six meters with an 18m hose and a 150 horsepower jetski up to twenty meters with 23m hose and a 260/300 horsepower jetski.

If the electronic management kit is installed to the Flyboard, can you still power the Flyboard from the Jet Ski?

Yes, just turn the button ''on'' or ''off'' if you want to operate by a monitor.

What is the maximum user weight for the fly the Flyboard?

There is no weight restriction to use the Flyboard. The heavy users will not get as much height as a lighter users, more horse power will be required to gain more height.

How much does the Flyboard weigh?

Approximately 50 Kg

I rent ski jets along the summer season , how the FlyBoard can be fitted on a jet ski?

Very simple, you attached an adapter (Quick Nozzle) to your water craft depending on your PWC model, takes a couple of seconds to be fixed on your jet ski.

Can the Flyboard operate in salt water?

Yes and on any water plans, but we recommend that you clean the Flyboard thoroughly after each use with fresh water.

What is the Pivot System to clean the Flyboard?

''PIVOT SYSTEM'' consist of rolling specifically balls developed for this application. Indeed they are composed entirely of plastic beads to prevent any corrosion and the system

In case anything ever went wrong or broke, how can we get service ?

Contact us and we will provide you After Sales Services and Spare Parts

What is included in a Flyboard kit ?

The Flyboard unit, the wakeboard boots, hand nozzle water jets, velcro attachments, 18 Meter flat heavy duty hose and a Jet ski outlet pipe with adaptor plate.

Is their any Manual that comes with the unit

Yes you will have a technical Manual, however before delivering the Flyboard you must undergo a course in mounting the flyboard and operating it.