Sea Doo 2010 Quick Nozzle Adapter Kit

Sea Doo 2010 Quick Nozzle Adapter Kit
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  • Nozzle adapter kit system developed to convert from Flyboard use to normal PWC in a few seconds. The Kit consists of the following parts: -

    FB02014 - 1 x Indexing Finger 12 
    FB03026 - 4 x Ring Srew
    FB03011 - 1 x U-Pipe Ring 
    FB02013 - 4 x H M10 Nut 
    FB02012 - 4 x CHC M10x50 Bolt 
    FB02291 - 2 x CHC M8x10 Bolt 
    FB03285 - 1 x Nozzle
    FB03286 - 1 x Directional Nozzle
    FB02217 - 1 x Sea Doo Adapter Ball
    FB02219 - 1 x Female Quick Ball
    FB03233 - 1 x Male Quick Ball


    FB03233 - Screw onto the directional nozzle REF FB03286, above or below depending on the PWC Model, so the cable is aligned as possible.
    FB02217 - Connect to the steering cable instead of original ball. 


    Version 3 - Page 30

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