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  • Today, every Flyboarder all over the world wants to use LED costumes. Lighting elements create absolutely new images and can easily transform you into another character.

    Design of some LED costumes is inspired by movie characters or show-business stars. Tron costumes are created under inspiration of the famous movie “Tron: legacy”. These Illuminate costumes display a very popular ultra-high technology style created by means of Ultra Bright RGB LED lights.

    Our special system of LEDs and mounting makes costumes strong, but at the same moment flexible and perfect for active performances and dances. Suits can be powered by Rechargeable Li-FE 4000Mah Batteries and provide about 4-5 hours of constant usage (Not included with the suits).

    The activity of the LEDs can be controlled by a manual controller that is included in the costume set. You also can choose our additional ways to control your LED suit for a special show:

    -Make the lighting of your costume shine in rhythm with music using Sound Reaction tool;

    -Pre-programing system can show really amazing effects in a group performance;

    -Remote control (via remote controller) lets performer to concentrate on the show and forget about switching the modes; stage crew can control all effects through laptop program now.

    Customers can submit own design. Costume price depends on the number of LEDs, the complexity of the drawing and if single or full RGB colour with Remote control. The suit is custom made so a measurement form needs to be filled. 


    The first digit, the number “6″, means that the LEDs hav total dust ingress protection.
    The second digit, the number “8″, means that the LEDs are suitable for permanent submersion in water.

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