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  • The Zapata FlyRideTM is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and offer new thrills for extreme riders. It achieves this by combining the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with Zapata’s latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization - the same technology developed for Zapata’s groundbreaking Flyboard AirTM and EZ-FlyTM jet powered craft.

    A flying personal watercraft featuring the all new EZ-Flight Control SystemTM

    Rider Capacity

    Weight Capacity 200kg*
    Ages 6+
    *on a 300HP jetski  

    Key Features

    • Handles just like a flying jet ski ®
    • The first hydroflyer on the market with intelligent flight control and stabilization
    • Multiple flight modes for beginners and advanced riders seeking extreme thrills
    • Takeoff and land on the beach
    • Supports up to two riders
    • Designed to be the perfect addition to Flyboard ® and jet ski ® rental centers


    Speed Max 35 kph / 22 mph
    Length 172 cm / 68 in
    Height 90 cm /35 in

    75 cm / 30 in

    Weight (Dry) 33 kg / 72 lbs
    Battery Life 7 hours 

    EZ-FCS: EZ-Flight Control SystemTM

    Zapata has made history in the world of personal aviation with the development of advanced stabilization systems utilized in the groundbreaking Flyboard AirTM and EZ-FlyTM personal aviation platforms. Zapata will now change the world of recreational water sports by applying that same technology to hydroflight. This convergence of Zapata's engineering and software innovation is what will set FlyRide and Zapata apart from its imitators and bring the joy of hydroflight to wider audiences.

    Intelligent Flight Assistance

    • Gyroscopic balance assistance makes the FlyRideTM the most stable hydroflyer ever made
    • Automated take-off
    • Automated barrel rolls at the push of a button
    • Handlebar vibration feedback signals when automated maneuvers are enabled

    From Easy to Extreme

    • Child Mode (6 and up)*
    • Beginner Mode
    • Intermediate Mode
    • Advanced Mode
      *Child mode allows an adult to remotely control the FlyRideTM using a wireless EMK (sold separately)

    Wireless Control System

    • An EMK remote is built into the FlyRide’s handlebar.
    • The FlyRide is compatible with:
      • EMK Version 1 (the original)
      • EMK Version 2 (Seadoo Plug & Play)
    • EMK Brain sold separately

    Requirements (not included)

    Personal Watercraft 155 HP to 400 HP
    EMK Brain Version 1 or 2
    Battery & Charger 8000 mAh

    What's Included in the Kit:

    • Equipped Elbow Pipe

    • 2 x Hose Swivel

    • Equipped Pump Interface Plate

    • ø110mm X-ArmorMain Hose 18 Meter

    • ø104-112mm Main Hose Clamps

    • Main Hose Strap

    • Carabineer Hook

    • Fastening Strap

    • Flyride

    You will need to purchase a bolt & adapter mounting kit for your particular PWC (check the Accessories tab)

    FlyRideTM represents a unique convergence of recreation, extreme water sport and Zapata's exclusive hydroflight control technology.

    From easy to extreme, the FlyRideTM brings the thrill of flight to everyone.

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