PWC Superfly Quick Change System

PWC Superfly Quick Change System
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  • Superfly Dream Team has invested heavily in R&D for years to bring you the SQC (Superfly Quick Change) system which lets you keep your PWC with original iBR and Trim functions, and transform your PWC for hydrofly in 60 seconds.

    Designed, tested and produced in Hungary. The connecting form was specially designed to give you the maximum safety and minimum time for mode changing. STAGE 2 was designed to give you the high performance both as use PWC and HYDROFLY mode. The changing procedure don’t need any main parts to remove. The different inserts let’s you to change your PWC’s parameters less than a minute. Developed for SEA-DOO, KAWASAKI and YAMAHA PWC.

    STAGE 2 System is compatible with: -

    2016 GTI-GTR-GTS
    2016 GTX
    2016 RXP
    2016 RXT
    2016 WAKE
    2016 WAKE PRO

    2017 GTI-GTR-GTS - GTI, GTR
    2017 GTX - All Models
    2017 RXP - All Models
    2017 RXT - All Models
    2017 WAKE - All Models
    2017 WAKE PRO - All Models

    2018 GTI 130
    2018 GTI 155
    2018 GTI 90
    2018 GTR 230
    2018 RXP 300
    2018 WAKE 155

    Drive line - The new system keep’s the drive line lenght same as the original.

    No need to disconnect - For mode transfroming there is no need to disconnect any main part (sterring cable, trim cable, nozzle-pump, venturi).

    Sport mode on -When transfroming the PWC to HYDROFLY mode the SPORT MODE is automatically activated (available on SEA-DDO).

    Original functions - Using in PWC mode all the original functions are available, like iBR, RiDE, trim.

    No tools - For mode transforming procedure there is no need to use tools.

    Speed setting - On STAGE 2 the riding parameters can be changing with different venturi insert size, in less than a half minute.

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